Deshedding For a Happy Pooch and a Clean Home

What is Deshedding?

De-Shedding is the removal of your pups loose undercoat hair. When your dog has been deshed it rids the them of hair that will eventually end up on furniture and clothes, while helping them maintain a healthy coat and skin.
On top of these benefits, by regularly deshedding your pooch, it allows you to monitor their overall health as excessive shedding can be a sign of medical issues.

So How Do I Know if My Pup Needs to be Deshed?

While some dogs shed year round, and others shed seasonally, all dogs can benefit from deshedding as shedding can be uncomfortable, itchy, and sometimes, the cause of skin conditions. The following breeds in particular will benefit the most from it:

Akita Aussie  Bernese Mountain Dog
Cattle Dog Chow Collie
Corgi Eskimo German Sheppard
Golden Retriever Great Pyrenees Husky
Keeshounds Labrador Retriever Malamute
Newfoundland Pom Pug
Samoyed Sheltie St. Bernard

 To learn more about our deshedding services, or to book an appointment, contact us at (520) 278-8772.

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